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Transparency in controls and safety offered to our customers is regulated by a safety plan called "European Road Transport Regulation" which we scrupulously observe. The regulation requires compliance with adequate time frames for rest and driving of drivers.
- DAILY USE: 13 hours maximum
- PERMITTED DAILY GUIDE: 9 hours maximum - 45 minutes of rest are observed every 4 hours and 30 minutes
- DAILY REST: 11 consecutive hours over 24 with a reduction to 9 consecutive hours, 3 days a week to be recovered before the following weekend.
- WEEKLY REST: 24 consecutive hours every 6 days of service.

Failure to comply with the rules provides for the reduction of license points for the driver of the vehicle, penalties for the company and stop on the spot for the bus.
Choose Tarobus to have total reliability of the services. For our company, respect for the road and worker code are essential values for the success of the service and respect for the customer.
Our vehicles are periodically checked by workshops specialized in maximum safety mechanical and electronic controls.
Our vehicles are periodically sanitized with latest generation technical equipment (in the photo BIOGEN device)

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